About the Board

Serve Wisconsin Board Chair speaks at an AmeriCorps press conference.

Description of the Wisconsin National and Community Service Board

The Wisconsin National & Community Service Board (WNCSB) consists of        21 members. Sixteen voting members are appointed to three-year terms by the Governor of Wisconsin; four members are non-voting, ex-officio members from state agencies; one member is ex-officio from the Corporation for National and Community Service-Wisconsin State Office. 

The mission of the WNCSB is to promote, train, and allocate resources to programs that enrich lives and communities through service and volunteerism.

The Board has two standing committees: Executive and Program Evaluation & Development.

Interested in serving on the Wisconsin National and Community Service Board?

Those interested in serving are required to complete an application to the governor for the appointment. The online application for applying for a board position can be found HERE. For additional information on applying, please go to https://evers.wi.gov/Pages/Application_Process.aspx.

Board Members

Paula Horning

Board Chair

Business Representative

Christine Beatty

Board Vice Chair

Older Adults in Service and Volunteerism Representative

Angela Ahlgrim

Business Representative

Sarah Brady (Ex Officio)

Director of the Corporation for National and Community Service - Wisconsin State Office

Pamela Wheeler Charles

Volunteer Sector Representative

Laura Doolin (Ex Officio)

Designee for Secretary Ray Allen

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Robert Griffith

Volunteer Sector Representative

Anthony Hallman

Education, Training, and Development of Youth Representative

Michael Hinman (Ex Officio)

Designee for Major General Donald Dunbar

Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs

Kate Jaeger

National Service Program Representative

Steven Janke (Ex Officio)

Designee for Secretary Daniel Zimmerman

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs

Scott Jones

Designee for Superintendent Tony Evers

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

James Langdon

Designee for Secretary Scott Neitzel

Wisconsin Department of Administration

Amy McDowell

Designee for Secretary Linda Seemeyer

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Margaret (Jane) Moore

Public Representative

Susan Schwartz

Community-Based Agency Representative