National Direct Consultation

​America's Service Commissions is pleased to support the national service field by providing one form for multi-state applicants (National Directs) applying for an AmeriCorps grant to initiate their consultation with participating state service commissions.

Why Consultation?

As part of the Serve America Act, National Direct Consultation was established to help increase collaboration and coordination among national service programs, which in turn supports the efficient use of national service funds in each state.

Consultation is a requirement outlined in the FY18 AmeriCorps NOFO for new, recompete and continuation applicants.

State service commissions use the information provided through the National Direct Consultation process to provide input to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) on funding decisions that may impact their state, as well as provide feedback/recommendations to the National Direct applicant. CNCS asks each commission to provide their input on each National Direct applicant proposing to place members in the state by selecting “support”, “neutral”, or “do not support”, along with any comments associated with the opinion submitted.


This form and the accompanying requested documents are due in advance of the FY18 AmeriCorps NOFO application deadline established by the Corporation for National and Community Service. Consultation requirements may vary by state. Consultation is not completed unless you meet all the requirements by an individual state service commission. Upon completing this form, you may be contacted for additional information. When possible, it is encouraged that applicants initiate consultation with state service commissions as soon as possible.

Instructions for Completing National Direct Consultation Form

Please complete the National Direct Consultation Form online. More information and instructions are located on the first page of the survey.