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AmeriCorps Planning Grant Funding


2017-2018 AmeriCorps*State Program Planning Grant Request for Proposals (RFP)

Application deadline has passed

 On June 19, 2017 applications were due in eGrants to Serve Wisconsin. Please use the following information on this page as a reference for what upcoming Planning Grant RFPs may look like.

The purpose of the AmeriCorps Planning Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals that plan to establish AmeriCorps*State programs in Wisconsin through use of funding by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) through the State of Wisconsin.


The mission of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic participation through service and volunteering. CNCS—through its AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs—has helped to engage millions of citizens in meeting community and national challenges through service and volunteer action.  Through all its programs, CNCS seeks to expand economic opportunity – helping Americans acquire the skills, education, and training they need for productive employment.  By helping Americans graduate, pursue higher education, and find work, national service can provide immediate and long-term benefits by expanding individual opportunity, building family stability, and creating more sustainable, resilient communities.


AmeriCorps*State planning grants allow organizations to begin developing their plans to host an AmeriCorps program.  Planning grant activities may involve work to establish a new program in Wisconsin or to replicate a successful existing program model in unserved or underserved areas of the state.  Organizations use planning grants to become better prepared to compete for an AmeriCorps program grant in the subsequent grant cycle (2018-2019).  Planning grants may not be used to support AmeriCorps members or to pay for costs associated with writing Federal grants.


See RFP #1718-WNCSB-PG below for more details.


Note:  The RFP and Instructions on this page are for Planning Grant proposals.  If you are interested in applying for an AmeriCorps Program, please see the information on this page instead:  http://servewisconsin.wi.gov/Funding/Serve-Wisconsin-AmeriCorps-RFP.


RFP and Application Instructions


Below are links to the documents that you must review in order to complete and submit a planning grant proposal.

2017-2018 AmeriCorps*State Planning Grant Request for Proposals #1718-WNCSB-PG  PDF

Appendix A - Planning Grant Additional Documents Checklist (required document for submission)  PDF


Appendix B – AmeriCorps Planning Grant Budget Template (required document for submission)

Appendix C - AmeriCorps Planning Grant Review Form  PDF

2017-2018 Planning Grant Application Instructions and Attachments - Corrected Due Date on Page 6 - Posted May 1, 2017  PDF


Technical Assistance and RFP Contact


Please see the Formula & Planning Grant RFP Q&A - 2017-18 to see if your question has been addressed previously. Otherwise, please contact servewisconsin@wisconsin.gov or see the Contact Us page.

Questions and answers will be posted here periodically, with the final posting no later than May 16, 2017.  After May 15th, only specific eGrants technical assistance may be given.  Formula & Planning Grant RFP Q&A - 2017-18


Information about AmeriCorps

To learn more about AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), please visit the following websites:


AmeriCorps State and National

Organizational Fit Finder (Is AmeriCorps right for your organization?)

Corporation for National and Community Service

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