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Gift or Bequest to Wisconsin National & Community Service Board

Would you like to make a gift or bequest to the Wisconsin National & Community Service Board (Serve Wisconsin) in support of AmeriCorps activities in Wisconsin?

State statute allows the Board to receive gifts, grants, and bequests for the activities of the Board.  You could choose to donate to support such things as AmeriCorps member development/training,  non-profit organization (local AmeriCorps program) staff development/training, technology for AmeriCorps program activities, or local community service projects that will  be performed by AmeriCorps Members, to name a few possibilities.

Donations will be used solely for a public purpose, to support national and community service in    local communities throughout Wisconsin; donations will not be used to support any of the Board's operational expenses, including expenses of Board staff.  Donations are tax-deductible in   accordance with federal and state law; you may want to consult with your financial/tax advisor.

Donations can be addressed to:

WI National & Community Service Board
1 West Wilson Street, Room B274
Madison, WI 53703-3445

Inquiries can be directed to the Board's Executive Director, Jeanne M. Duffy, at the address above, via telephone at 608-261-6716, or via email to jeanne.duffy@wisconsin.gov.

State Statute 20.505(4)(j) National and community service board; gifts and grants.  All moneys received from gifts, grants and bequests for the activities of the national and community service board under s. 16.22, to carry out the purpose for which made and received.